Fundraising update for Children in Need

You may have read our post on Children in Need recently, here is an update about a self imposed ‘sponsored desk-tidy’ by our slightly superstitious MD.


For those who don’t have time to read on we raised £786.24 in total today for Children in Need, but for those who do… there was a twist in the tale!


MD Roy Peers-Smith kindly offered to match any pledges made, as well as offering the opportunity to go out for a lunch with him before Christmas in his Aston Martin.


The winning bid of £75 was submitted by Kier Head, our Operations Director. However, with an equally generous sense of team spirit he chose to forgo his lunch date prize, instead gifting it to a colleague who donated and was randomly drawn from our Kirintec prize cap.


To her delight it was our newest recruit Office Administrator Gail Nolan who bagged the star prize – so you see, there’s nothing like getting to know the boss straight away after just a few days of being here!


Kirintec it seems continues to live up to its reputation of being no average company, we certainly do things differently here in every sense.


Total colleague bids were £393.12, which Roy subsequently generously doubled. We’ll soon have a cheque making its way for £786.24 to Children in Need courtesy of team Kirintec… well that is as soon as the aforementioned desk has had its mini make-over.