EOD world – a fun Friday story

Working to save lives with the bomb disposal teams around the world is such a serious business.


Providing counter terror solutions with explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and bomb disposal teams around the world is something that requires a real focus, steely nerve and such an attention to detail. We love our work, but it can be such high pressure That’s why a bit of light relief sometimes does no harm.


For this reason (and simply because it is Friday), I thought I would share with you my linguistic mistake, after having been encouraged to do so by my colleagues, after our morning brew earlier.


Given we work internationally and that as part of our service we provide training overseas and in-house. This week we have had some European guests on site. Having wrongly assumed all week that one of them was Italian like his colleague, it turned he was Swedish.


Trying to put right the Italian words I had used all week to extend a warm welcome, I called on one of my Swedish phrases that I had stored in my head from twenty years ago. Phonetically I ventured. “Else-kling, yar ticker om deyg“. Believing in my head that the ‘deyg’ part was about day, and extending only the best wishes for my visitor to have a lovely day.


His eyebrows raised, he smiled and nodded. I left the room with a slight question whether I had voiced it right, or perhaps had enunciated it incorrectly.


I spoke last night to one of my friends, who I had learnt the Swedish phrase with and I enquired as to whether she could remember what it meant.


She laughed, “Darling, I really like you!” (but in a fancying type of way).


I am wiping my tears of laughter while I type now. My colleagues suggest, don’t ever let it be said you don’t offer our guests a ‘warm‘ welcome Vicky!