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End of year message from Nick Watts
10 Dec 2020

I’m Nick Watts, Kirintec’s Managing Director, and I’d like to take this opportunity to give you an update as to how Kirintec have continued to Understand, Innovate and Protect throughout 2020, and how we will be making our products and technology more accessible to you in the future.

I’m sure you would all agree that 2020 continues to be a challenging year, however we are very proud of the way in which we have risen to the challenge and continued to secure major contracts during the year.

We pride ourselves on our ability to UNDERSTAND INNOVATE and PROTECT and we have continued to focus on those priorities over the last 12 months.

Understand – Throughout the year we have continued to work with our existing and future customers to further expand our CEMA offering, in particular the adoption of standards such as Open CPI and JICD 4.2.

Innovate – At DSEI in 2019 we launched our new K-CEMA product, and I’m very pleased to announce that we will deliver the first systems later this year. We’ve also used our unique remote support capabilities to provide training and support to customer despite lockdown restrictions.

Protect – We remain extremely proud of the protection our current products are providing in some of the most demanding theatres in the world such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and West Africa – with the successful completion of 997 systems for NATO in Kabul being a particular highlight.

Behind the scenes Kirintec have also launched a new website, as well as developing video training for our existing customers and preparing animations on each of our product groups.  This has been an incredible feat, and one we are proud to share with you.

Finally, due to Government restrictions we were forced to rethink our events and exhibitions throughout 2020.  Once again we have risen to the challenge and are in the process of developing a virtual product showcase to be shared in 2021.  This will be a virtual experience where we can meet our customers online and have the opportunity to present our new technology and, for our customers, the opportunity to talk with our team through an interactive medium.

Please watch for more details on this.

Kind regards and see you in 2021.
Nick Watts.

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