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Kirintec Visit NATO Tie
17 Nov 2021

Integration of K-CEMA Jupiter with SAPIENT protocol for C-UAS

In November 2021, our team of product experts attended the much acclaimed NATO TIE event in the Netherlands, tasked with proving the integration of the K-CEMA system into the SAPIENT (Sensing for asset Protection with Integrated Electronic Networked Technology) protocol for C-UAS.

The purpose of the event was for NATO TIE to evaluate our latest CEMA technology and how it would interact with Sapient C-UAS protocols. Kirintec were the effector/soft kill capability demonstrating remote execution of jamming missions and switching between different mission profiles.

The Jupiter system performed perfectly and it was impressive to see the system activated and demonstrating its jamming techniques against class 1/small UAVs. After integrating into the initial C2 system on display at the show, it was later easily integrated into additional C2 systems from other suppliers with a small change to the network IP address.

Lewis Poole, Head of Sales, explained: “It was great to see the K-CEMA Jupiter being demonstrated for our customers to see. We have worked closely with NATO for many years and our latest K-CEMA system exceeded expectations”.

Si Timewell, Technical Director at Kirintec went on to confirm “The SAPIENT protocol was easily embedded into the K-CEMA system. The fact that we could integrate into additional C2 systems so easily proved the effectiveness of both K-CEMA Jupiter and the SAPIENT protocols themselves”

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