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Who We Are

Who we are

Kirintec is a private company formed to identify and address issues faced by police, military, and special forces in combating terrorism and criminal threats in their homelands and overseas.  We have all, in the past, either helped build some of the bigger companies in this industry or spent time at the sharp end dealing with operational issues while serving.  So now  have moved on to a stage in our collective careers where we combine user and engineering experience in a way that allows us to address issues in an innovative way. 


The Company is comprised of people that have a wealth of experience in this area and collectively has combined experience of over 150 years in the global defence and internal security markets.  Our pedigree stretches back to the counter terrorist problems of the early 80’s but also encompasses current threats with subject matter experts on our staff that have recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan - it is this bedrock of expertise which we have used as the foundation of our business.


In the past we have all worked at large organizations and so we deliberately set up Kirintec to work a little differently. When you work in an industry where the enemy is agile we believe that it pays to be more agile than many of the large defense contractors in order to respond rapidly to threats and problems as they emerge – so we aim to spend less of our time sitting in meetings for meetings sake and spend more time developing and trialling unique solutions that solve real world problems encountered by users.

Problem Solvers

We like solving problems, that’s largely why we exist. Where there are  operators that have common problems, then that’s where we find our product development inspiration. We combine our engineering expertise and our subject matter experts and the alchemy of that interaction is why we believe we are a little different.  We are rapidly building a strong reputation for lateral thinking and that is evidenced just by looking through our product range – every product is inspired by people who do the job and engineered by those who love what they do.  Our motto is

“We don’t sell products - we sell knowledge embedded in products”

It may sound corny but it’s something we genuinely put into practice every day. 

Original Thinkers

We know from a lot of industry experience that it is harder to build a   product range that is ‘innovative’ than it is to build ‘me too’ products but the rewards for taking the road less travelled are far greater in the long run. We don’t know why but as companies get larger they seem to play safe and in our opinion that stifles unique thinking. When you combine this with over cumbersome process it becomes hard to really be as agile as engineers would like to be, at the heart of every large organization there is a bunch of good engineers dreaming of the creative freedom to make a difference – that’s  why we have a very proactive approach to innovative engineering and why lots of very good engineers from large companies want to come and work with us! We take that as confirmation that our approach gets stuff done that’s why we say

“Understanding the threat – advancing the response”

Been there - Done that!

Kirintec’s engineering team is highly respected and has been responsible for the design of a very wide range of products in this area, of which many thousands are in service all over the world; in fact if you are a user then you probably already use something designed by some member of Kirintec already.  We have all now reached a point where we don’t want to just ‘turn the handle’ on what we have already done but move on and do new stuff.

So many ideas, so little time! - Everything you see in this catalogue has been developed and produced by us in the past 3 years! It’s not everything we have done (As you’d expect...There is some stuff we can’t talk about!) but it’s a good example of how we are putting ideas into action.

As independent validation of our lateral thinking Kirintec have had numerous research and development contracts with leading government agencies in the United Kingdom and in the USA.


We have a straightforward approach to business which allows us to simply get on with the task in hand.   These are the aspects of our work at Kirintec:
  • We design our own products ‘in-house’ but then sub-contract the volume manufacture to appropriate companies we know and trust – the stuff you can see in this catalogue
  • We do design work for some ‘big’ organizations and then they manufacture and brand them under their name – they won’t tell you and they make sure we can’t!
  • We do research work for Government departments
  • Using our experience, we advise clients on specifying complete systems and assist them in implementation


For the small guys of this industry we get around a bit! We have branch offices in both the UK and on the East coast of the US.  On top of that we have trusted representatives and agents worldwide.


Kirintec is a ACM 9001 colour.bmpquality management ISO 9001 registered business - many times that’s just a tick in the box, but because we are small we care about what we make and that it does the job straight out of the box and more importantly when you need it to.


Our products are available through NAMSA and through GSA Advantage in the USA

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Kirintec Limited of Ross on Wye HR9 5PB is registered in England & Wales with the company number 6699502

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