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Kirintec staff have over 50 years experience between them in understanding and designing equipment to be used by EOD professionals and have been at the forefront of some major equipment developments that have gone on to be widely adopted by bomb squads in over 100 countries. We are therefore well placed to advise our customers on all aspects of equipment and best practice to meet their needs, irrespective of the EOD ‘best practice’ doctrine they employ. 

Experience covers both Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) and encompasses both small and large scale implementations of equipment and training ranging from simple hand tools to designing, equipping, training and establishing multiple bomb squad locations in difficult environments.
Flat Pack Grappling Hook
Super-strong light-weight flat-pack four-claw grappling hookDesigned for tactical search operations as an accessory to the Mini Dismounted Search Kit, this strong, lightweight grappling hook fits into... 
SABRE Multi-Role Disrupter
Very lightweight high-power multi-role re-usable disrupter for IEDD/EOD and Search operationsTitanium body, corrosion resistant articulating arm and standPowerful multi-shot device with minimum recoil... 
Main Charge Attachments
Options for the remote or semi-remote controlled extraction ofmain charges while reducing risk to equipment or personnelIn the contemporary operating environment (COE) plastic water or cooking oil con... 
Flying Spike Projectile Attachment for disruptor
A  projectile attachment fired by disruptor for the semi-remote lifting of main charges and tactical pulling tasks.A secure anchor with rigging loop to lift - move - manipulate - access - an obje... 
Custom EOD / IEDD Equipment Packages
Equipment packages for EOD teams at home and overseas:- EOD teams- IEDD teams- Search teams- Special Forces• Complete team kits• Specialist customised tool kits• Full integration• Training in-country 
KORONA non-explosive command wire cutter kit
A rugged, spring-loaded, remotely line-triggered and highly reliablenon-explosive wire cutter for silently cutting command wire, arming wire or pull cord command lines 
KINESIS RF Initiator
A new RF and hand-held exploder for demolition, initiation & breachingDiscreet, deniable two-channel exploder IP67 weathertightManual control or remote RF initiation2km LOS control via standard VH... 
Phoenix Flex - Combined Rigging Line & Firing Cable
High performance rigging line with integral twisted-pair firing cable 125m reel (137 yards) 3.25kg 
Lightweight Firing Cable 110m / 120 yards on winding spool
Lightscale twisted pair firing cable for EOD / IEDD / CMD / EMOESame specification as traditional "Black & Tan" detonator cable but 50% lighter. Available as 110m (120 yards) on a windi... 
Command Wire Detector & Cutter Kit
A high sensitivity cable detector and non-explosive cable cutter kit for neutralising command wire IEDs 
Disruptor Plates - Standard
Light-Scale disruptor mount plates for Needle, Pigstick and Hotrod disruptors. Easy to transport and deploy.  Supplied as a pair. 
DET Recovery Pouch (DRP) - for Unserviceable DETs
The DET Recovery Pouch (DRP) is a simple and effective way to safely transport unserviceable detonators recovered by EOD Operators from IEDs without the need to carry the additional weight of a metal ... 
K-Cutter Electronic Wire Cutter
Discreet, single use, miniature wire cutter for high-threat IEDD, coverts MOE, anti-hostage and anti-alarm applications.Cuts upto 4mm steel wireClamps onto wire at any pointFires and cuts under waterF... 
RCIED Training Aids
Classroom and field ready teaching toolsOffer operators deploying to theatre the chance of hands on RCIED trainingOffer opportunity to operators to test their detection equipment with confidenceHelps ... 
KOBRA Servicable DET-box RF Pouch
The KOBRA RF pouch is a simple and effective way to make the personal transport of servicable electronic detonators safer for dismounted troops, without the need to carry the additional weight of a me... 
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