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Search, Isolation & Clearance

In theatres where insurgents pepper routes and sensitive locations with IEDs, search teams must work in a pattern to clear vulnerable points.  Having detected an IED they must establish whether it is radio controlled or command wire controlled and take appropriate action to identify it, isolate it and clear it.

Search is a vital but often overlooked area of capability that is relevant to both Counter Terrorism and Anti-Smuggling operations as often the same or similar equipment and techniques are used.

Kirintec staff has lots of relevant experience in both areas ranging from low risk search projects for international heads of state summits through to advising and implementing border crossing and customs search packages for the EU.

It is worth pointing out that in order to protect a country’s ‘Internal Security’ it needs to control what crosses its borders; conversely within its borders, for security forces to deny terrorists achieving their objectives they first need to find materials or devices intended to cause harm. This is where the importance of search as distinct discipline has an important part to play.

Based on this background we can advise clients on best practice and equipment to suit their application

IED Extraction Kit
The IED Extraction Kit has been designed to deliver an effective light scale capability to dismounted troops, when faced with the task of extracting an IED main charge from the ground. The kit offers ... 
IED Confirmation Kit
The IED confirmation kit is designed for dismounted infantry, search andIEDD operations. It is an effective kit for delineating and marking potentialdug-in or concealed Victim Operated IED.The kit con... 
Search & Access Kit
A comprehensive manual tool kit to assist in the search for and access to concealed objectsDownload the datasheet for a list of contents.Complete kit assembled by Kirintec Ltd in the UK 
Forensic Field Exploitation Kit Level 1
The Forensic Field Exploitation Kit is one in a range of available Forensic Kits delivered by Kirintec.The Forensic Field Exploitation Kit is a simple and effective Level 1Exploitation Kit which deliv... 
Non-Magnetic Tool Kit 84pc
A 84 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit designed for general contact EOD/IEDD operations. All tools are manufactured from berylliumcopper alloy and produced in accordance with Stanag 2897 standards. All ... 
Non-Magnetic Tool Kit 36pc
A 36 Piece Non-Magnetic Tool Kit designed for general contact EOD/IEDD operations. All tools are manufactured from berylliumcopper alloy and produced in accordance with Stanag 2897 standards. All tool... 
Flat Pack Grappling Hook
Super-strong light-weight flat-pack four-claw grappling hookDesigned for tactical search operations as an accessory to the Mini Dismounted Search Kit, this strong, lightweight grappling hook fits into... 
Mini Dismounted Search Kit (MDSK)
Compact, lightweight dismounted kit for search tasks Essential hook and line rigging equipment for semi-remote action Maximum operational flexibility with minimum equipment Small, strong, simple pi... 
Lightweight Firing Cable 110m / 120 yards on winding spool
Lightscale twisted pair firing cable for EOD / IEDD / CMD / EMOESame specification as traditional "Black & Tan" detonator cable but 50% lighter. Available as 110m (120 yards) on a windi... 
KORONA non-explosive command wire cutter kit
A rugged, spring-loaded, remotely line-triggered and highly reliablenon-explosive wire cutter for silently cutting command wire, arming wire or pull cord command lines 
Command Wire Detector & Cutter Kit
A high sensitivity cable detector and non-explosive cable cutter kit for neutralising command wire IEDs 
Light-Scale Rigging Kit
Compact EOD / IEDD / high-risk search / Assault IED / Clearance / CMD  Essential hook and line equipment for semi-remote actionTwo sizes of extra strong karabiners and double closing h... 
DET Recovery Pouch (DRP) - for Unserviceable DETs
The DET Recovery Pouch (DRP) is a simple and effective way to safely transport unserviceable detonators recovered by EOD Operators from IEDs without the need to carry the additional weight of a metal ... 
Lightscale A-Frame
Compact light-weight A-frame for charge extraction and urban EOD / IEDD / CMDEssential lightscale rigging equipment for semi-remote actionLifting capacity of 110kg / 242 lbs with a 2mm dia rigging lin... 
Disruptor Plates - Standard
Light-Scale disruptor mount plates for Needle, Pigstick and Hotrod disruptors. Easy to transport and deploy.  Supplied as a pair. 
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