temporary perimeter security network
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RADI-I is a revolutionary wireless motion detection and threat identification system designed for temporary low-cost perimeter security

The Kirintec team have developed Radi-i - a revolutionary modular ground based radar system using IP architecture, designed for temporary perimeter security.

Radi-i is infinitely scaleable, which means it is effective for border control, or for creating temporary secure corridors over many kilometers, or for encircling facilities with an extensive footprint.

It is quick to install, making it ideal for temporary or short-term operations such as surveillance or force protection.

Additional Information

Typical applications for Radi-i:

Special Forces – Forward base protection, target perimeter surveillance, building clearance

VIP Protection – Use at major events and key government buildings

Critical Infrastructure – Monitoring of key utilities

Pipeline Protection – Monitoring of Pipeline integrity

Agriculture – Crop protection

Private Enterprise – Monitoring of secure facilities e.g. laboratory, factory

Border Protection – Virtual fencing for police or military

Maritime Security – Monitoring of harbour traffic

Force Protection – Base perimeter protection, airfield perimeter protection

Route Protection – Virtual fencing either side of critical road to protect convoys, deliveries

Kirintec Limited of Ross on Wye HR9 5PB is registered in England & Wales with the company number 6699502

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