IEDD Operators Kit
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IEDD Operator's Kit (KT-200-433)

IEDD Operator's Kit

  • Complete dismounted kit for IEDD Operators
  • Essential lightscale hook and line rigging equipment for semi-remote action
  • Safe personal transport of serviceable DETs
  • Space for service issue ancillary equipment such as a Disruptor, Exploder and Ammunition
Part No:

Kit contains:

KT-200-396 110m of 2mm Heavy Duty pulling line on a winding spool NSN: 4020-99-994-2195
KT-200-628 Sacrificial lines in 2 pouches:  20m of 2mm line each
KT-600-111 110m lightscale firing cable on a winding spool NSN: 1385-99-553-6941
KT-750-779 Kobra serviceable DET pouch NSN:8465-99-974-9773
KT-200-603 Lightscale disruptor mounts NSN:1385-99-444-3121
KT-200-610 Mini locking pliers with loop NSN:5120-99-667-8289
KT-200-611 Straight seizers - 150mm NSN:120-99-213-5951
KT-200-631 Straight seizers - 200mm NSN:5120-99-459-1743
KT-200-604 Double closing hook – large NSN:5340-99-601-9433
KT-200-605 Double closing hook – small NSN: 5340-99-517-5845
KT-200-629 Large flat hook NSN: 5340-99-936-3750
KT-200-630 Small flat hook NSN: 5340-99-162-4779
KT-200-621 Karabiner – 16mm screwgate NSN: 5340-99-374-7525
KT-200-622 Karabiner – 25mm screwgate NSN: 5340-99-737-2700
KT-200-623 EOD  ceramic knife NSN: 1385-99-151-5443
KT-200-626 EOD DET multi-tool NSN: 5110-99-229-5124
KT-200-636 Waterproof LED torch
KT-200-632 K-Grip NSN: 5120-99-455-9708
KT-200-633 K-Block NSN: 3940-99-551-9956
KT-200-634 Snap loops  NSN: 4020-99-471-5667

Complete kit assembled by Kirintec Ltd in the UK

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Kirintec Limited of Ross on Wye HR9 5PB is registered in England & Wales with the company number 6699502

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