REBUS System datasheet
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REBUS with RF Blast Blanket (KT-409-102)
Blast Blanket with RF Screening (KT-409-101)
Rebus RF Inhibitor only (KT-409-103)
Auxiliary Battery for RF Inhibitor (KT-409-107)
Mains charger for inhibitor 110/230 volt (KT-409-108)
RF cable for inhibitor (KT-409-109)

REBUS with RF Blast Blanket

A REBUS Jammer connected to an RF screened Blast Blanket 
  • Block the trigger signal to a radio controlled improvised explosive device without touching it
  • Bridge the gap between a First Response and arrival of the Bomb Disposal Team
  • Maintain radio communications between response teams in and around the safety cordon
  • Preserve operation of public cell phone networks

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Watch a video of the REBUS Jammer System in action using the link to the Quicktime movie in the Download box on the bottom left of this page, or go to our YouTube channel:  

Kirintec Rebus Jammer on YouTube

The REBUS jammer system is a low power RF inhibitor connected to an antenna in an RF shielded blast blanket

The inhibition is contained underneath the blanket and focussed exclusively against the RCIED
The power of the REBUS jammer is held under the blanket by a layer of electromagnetic screening fabric. This shield contains the inhibition, so that all the power is employed against defeating the power of the remote transmission signal used to initiate the radio controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED)

Stops RCIED receiving a trigger signal
The inhibitor jamsblanket also blocks and filters the incoming trigger signal.

Allows security teams to use their radio communications close by
Communications devices used by the Response teams working in and around the safety cordon are not affected by the inhibitor even when they are in close proximity. The electromagnetic screening material in the blanket is a two-way barrier, filtering incoming signals and containing the electronic counter measures (ECM) signal under the blanket.

Does not interfere with critical radio communications like airbands
The range of the REBUS jammer is limited to the area under the blanket so it does not affect any other radio signals in any part of the radio spectrum.

No need to shut down cell phone networks
There is no need to shut down a cellphone network because the REBUS jammer system prevents just one pair of cellphones from connecting (the transmitter used by the terrorist to activate the IED and the receiver which is part of the IED).
Additional Information

The REBUS low power RF inhibitor:
Overcomes all threats in a single box
The inhibitor simultaneously covers all threats in the frequency range 20MHz – 2.4GHz including GSM and 3G mobile phones, popular VHF PMRs and UHF PMRs (hand-held radios and walkietalkies), and Wi-Fi. No programming or training required

Low power efficiency
Because it is in position right next to the device, the inhibitor only needs a low power signal source to overpower a much stronger trigger signal transmitted from a distance. In tests, the inhibitor repeatedly killed high-power PMR signals at unrealistically close proximity.

Simple to use
The inhibitor is very simple to operate and its status can be observed from a distance.
ECM time delay start
The inhibitor slowly increases the RF power over a 60 second period, giving the operator time to walk away from the device in safety.

Up to 8 hours run time
The inhibitor’s internal rechargeable batteries will run for 4+ hours, and can be supplemented by an external battery pack to provide a further 4+ hours of run time.

Blast Protection

The RF sheilded blast blanket also has blast protection to level V50 : Fragmentation velocity 500m/sec (1,640ft/sec)

Manufactured by Kirintec Ltd in the UK.  Export Licence required.
Kirintec Limited of Ross on Wye HR9 5PB is registered in England & Wales with the company number 6699502

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