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KORONA non-explosive command wire cutter kit (KT-600-300)
Korona Wire Cutter (KT-600-301)
Trigger Line (KT-600-303)
Ceramic Blade Set (male and female) (KT-600-305)
Metal Blade Set (male and female) for training (KT-600-311)
Ground anchors (x 2) (KT-600-316)
Korona Kit leg pouch (KT-600-306)

KORONA non-explosive command wire cutter kit

A rugged, spring-loaded, remotely line-triggered and highly reliable
non-explosive wire cutter for silently cutting command wire, arming wire or pull cord command lines
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The Korona wire cutter is a simple tool for rapid deployment during routine route clearance and isolation of vulnerable points by dismounted troops.

Key Features
• Manual spring-wound firing mechanism
• Trigger weight of 786g (28oz)
• Silent operation
• Ceramic blades cut a 14mm section out of the wire, preventing any possible
short-circuit activating the IED
• Remaining wire is released
• Cuts multi-stranded copper core wire upto 7mm diameter
• Blades rotate to offer multiple fresh cutting edges
• Blades are easily replaced in minutes
• Non-conductive chemical-resistant mechanism and housing
• Sealed mechanism to prevent ingress of sand and dust
• Double safety mechanism to prevent misfire
• Tether points to anchor cutter and prevent pull back of wire when blades
slice through the wire

Additional Information
Watch the video of the Korona command wire cuter in action using the link to the Quicktime movie in the Download box on the bottom left of this page, or go to our YouTube channel:  

Kirintec Korona on YouTube

Manufactured by Kirintec Ltd in the UK.

Kirintec Limited of Ross on Wye HR9 5PB is registered in England & Wales with the company number 6699502

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