A brand promise

If you read yesterday’s post, I introduced you to a brand promise and left you with a little ‘association’ exercise. It just might have left you with some thoughts on how your favourite brands (other than us) behave.


When I joined Kirintec I inherited no brand guidelines, positioning statements, pillars – nothing that gave me a clue to what sort of an organisation I was now part of.


The team talked publicly about agility, but if I didn’t understand this, then it may not resonate much with anyone else, or at least that was what I suspected.


You may not remember it, but consider our old website – it was black. And weighted with quirky artwork which hung on our walls and pictures of the Wurlitzer Jukebox in our reception area. Messaging seemed confused – where was the brand identity?


As a small marketing team, we needed to better capture the essence of the company. Talking to the team, witnessing their knowledge and ability to innovate was unique. I had not seen anything on this scale before.


It was as if another language was being spoken, yet we needed to translate it into English. Branding was to be our trusted tool kit.


Attending my very first defence exhibition was insightful. The majority of colour palettes in the room were dark (navy, black, dark green and greys), there were logos of big cats and birds of prey. To be honest it almost all blended into one with one glance.


The most significant thing that hit me were the anti-protestors who met us outside the expo on arrival. That was when I fully realised that there was a perception that all exhibitors were about war. It couldn’t be further from the truth.


At Kirintec we are about safeguarding lives. We don’t take life. We preserve life through our specialist knowledge and superb equipment. We have ex EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Operators who work for us. We have world class engineers who can get products to the market fast.


It is they who are agile, with their brilliant work ethic, they embed every piece of bespoke equipment with such knowledge. If they are not 100% happy it doesn’t leave the manufacturing line. My colleagues truly understand the threat, to help advance a response. This is part of our brand promise.


Thank you for bearing with the story. If you would like to join me for a cuppa and one more read online tomorrow, that would be lovely.