About Us

In the security and defence sector we understand the threat to help advance your response. Our pedigree should reassure you of our capability.

Industry experience

Kirintec’s Directors have spent time serving at the sharp end of the security and defence sector. Most have dealt first-hand with operational issues across the world. The same or similar to those our customers face in IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal), EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and using ECM (Electronic Countermeasures).

Our highly knowledgeable team has helped build some of the bigger companies in the industry. It’s not a boast, but a fact. A powerful combination of first-hand industry understanding, coupled with user and engineering experience allows us to address issues. Both innovatively and swiftly.

We invite you to meet a few team members below…

Agility pays

Working in an industry where enemies are agile, it pays to choose a defence contractor who can manoeuvre with greater agility. It is our job to make yours easier, to solve problems and save lives.

We react and are dexterous.

Providing reliable and extremely safe bespoke products is key for us, as we work tirelessly with our customers. Kirintec is so much more than a manufacturer or supplier of products. Our aim is to embed our knowledge within each product that leaves our UK manufacturing line, heading across the globe in the security and defence sector.

We understand the threat, to advance your response.

What’s behind a name?

Dig a little deeper and you may be interested to learn that the name ‘Kirintec’ was conceived from the combination of two words; ‘Kirin’ and ‘Technology’. In Asia, a Kirin is a good luck charm, which can also represent wisdom.

We know those who face a terrorist’s bomb do need a certain amount of luck, ultimately they must trust in the technology deployed. We can certainly provide the latter as we continually test and evolve our product portfolio.

Kirintec is a name to trust when choosing tactical gear for anti-terror solutions in the security and defence industry.

Get it touch today, we are here to help.

Jerry Warner
CEO and President of Kirintec Inc.

Jerry retired from the US Army as a Colonel and is highly experienced in the identification and development of new technologies for defence.

Jerry has extensive credentials in strategy, military operations, R&D and acquisition – to name a few examples. His expertise concerning the North USA market is invaluable.


Richard Tonkin
Engineering Director

Kirintec provides an innovative working enviroment, where exceptional individuals solve problems and produce world-class counter terrorism technology. Richard heads up our talented engineering team. Every product is embedded with the team’s expertise, ready to delight our customers.


Kier Head
Director of EOD Operations

Kier always exceeds our customers’ expectations and leads from the front and his industry knowledge is impressive. Kier is perfectly placed to match our Explosive Ordnance Disposal product portfolio with your needs.


Si Timewell
Director of EW Operations

Si is our Electronic Warfare expert. His knowledge ensures users get the best from our products every time. Si has almost 25 years experience from the British Army with C-IED, EOD, ECM and EW.


Ennis Elvord
Director U.S. Sales

Previously working as the Deputy ECM Program Manager for the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Bureau, Ennis worked with Personnel/Force Protection, EOD and First Responder solutions, so will capably advise on REBUS, Mercury and Counter UAS solutions. Tap into his ECM program expertise.



Lisa Chaplain
Financial Controller

Lisa leads the team that is responsible for the annual management of financial accounts.

Lisa capably looks after the financial reporting for Kirintec; managing company transactions such as: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, control accounts and general operational finance.


Jim Wood Powell
Head of Operations

Jim is passionate about end-to-end service delivery and process management.

He strives to deliver products and services to the highest time, cost and quality criteria. As our Head of Operations Jim will be working closely with our suppliers and customers.

Pam Davies
Management Accountant

Pam has an integral part in managing risk and financial planning to ensure Kirintec is secure. A typical week will include: Accounts payable/receivable, payroll, VAT and other HMRC reporting.


Nigel Whitman
Operations Manager

Nigel is heavily involved in purchasing, dispatch, delivery and making sure that everything in this area is coordinated – this is certainly no mean feat when you examine the international nature of our business!


Jason Tandy
Principal Hardware Engineer

Jason is 2IC to the Engineering Director and technical lead for Kirintec’s Kinesis Plus and REBUS products. Jason is involved in the engineering of many of the company’s programmes – including drone projects.



Dom Asquith
Maintenance Team Leader

Dom deals with operators, ensuring our equipment is installed and integrated into the operation procedures for you. He is heavily involved with introducing products in country and he delivers excellent user training.


Suzanna Lewis
Sales Administration

With almost 10 years in the private security industry, Suzanna worked previously as a Contracts Manager with knowledge of ISO9001.

Enthusiastic and organised, she delivers excellent customer service. Nothing is too much trouble and will always go the extra mile.


Kirintec UK

As an accredited ISO9001 company, we are committed to achieving exceptional quality standards. From equipment manufacture, interoperability, design  to exacting customer service, quality runs through every product.

We are specialise in counter terrorism solutions and are proud suppliers to the UK MOD (Ministry of Defence)

Directions to HQ

Kirintec Incorporated
Virginia, USA

Kirintec Inc. is fully credentialed as a US Federal, Virginia State, SAM, GSA and ATF licensed entity. The team is highly experienced in US procurement and marketing.

We are proud suppliers to the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security and a multitude of state and local entities.


Kirintec International
Dubai, UAE

From 2017 we now have a base in the Middle East – specifically Dubai. This makes it even easier for for our customers to learn more first-hand of our capability, with engineering support on hand in country. Why not benefit and find out more within this meeting space for training and operations?