Industry experience

Kirintec combine first hand operational experience with cutting-edge engineering talent to resolve operational issues.
Many of our personnel are recognised as industry experts, and are frequently invited to speak at symposiums and conferences on topics such as IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal), EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and ECM (Electronic Countermeasures).


The Kirintec team work tirelessly to provide innovative products to help others defend and save lives. We work predominately in the defence sector and within that, The Military, The Police, First Responders, Government Organisations and defending VIP’s and the Private Sector.


‘Kirintec’ was conceived from the combination of two words; ‘Kirin’ and ‘Technology’. In Asia, a Kirin is a good luck charm, which can also represent wisdom.
Kirintec’s head office is based in a listed building in the depths of Herefordshire using local manufacturing and advanced skills to create globally recognised battle proven technology for C-IED/EOD, Electronic Warfare and Counter-UAS.

Roy Peers-Smith

Roy has 30 years experience in engineering working at every level of the industry to become CEO of a publicly listed company. He established Kirintec, with a vision to create the most innovative products based on the highest specification of technology.

Nick Watts
Managing Director

Nick is responsible for Kirintec’s major accounts. He combines extensive operational experience with an impressive business mindset. He is recognised as an expert in the EOD field.


James Baker
Sales Director

James is responsible for all Kirintec sales activity and ensuring that Kirintec solutions meet customer needs

Kier Head
Director of EOD Operations

Kier is Kirintec’s EOD subject matter expert and translates customer requirements into solutions.

Si Timewell
Technical Support Director

Si is Kirintec’s EW subject matter expert and translates customer requirements into solutions

Richard Harrison
R&D Director

Richard heads up our talented engineering team and oversees the development of new technology and the sustainment of our existing products

Lisa Chaplain
Finance Director

Lisa looks after the financial reporting for Kirintec. Prior to joining Kirintec Lisa held a number of senior financial positions in blue chip companies.


Jim Powell
Operations Director

Jim is responsible for contract delivery. Prior to joining Kirintec Jim worked in a number of operational and project management roles within EW and Cyber

Jerry Warner
CEO and President of Kirintec Inc.

Jerry has extensive credentials in strategy, military operations, R&D and acquisition – to name a few examples. His expertise concerning the North USA market is invaluable

Nina Bluett
Sales Administrator

Nina is the primary point of contact for all sales enquiries and quotations.

Kirintec Incorporated
Virginia, USA

Kirintec Inc. is fully credentialed as a US Federal, Virginia State, SAM, GSA and ATF licensed entity. The team is highly experienced in US procurement and marketing.
We are proud suppliers to the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security and a multitude of state and local entities.

Kirintec UK

As an accredited ISO9001 company, we are committed to achieving exceptional quality standards. From equipment manufacture, interoperability, design to exacting customer service, quality runs through every product.
We are specialise in counter terrorism solutions and are proud suppliers to the UK MOD (Ministry of Defence)

Directions to HQ

Kirintec International
Dubai, UAE

Kirintec International provides a Middle Eastern footprint to support our ongoing programmes.