Agility, using intellectual perception

We often describe ourselves as an agile organisation or possessing agility.


Agility means you can move quickly and easily. However as a customer you need to know how this equates to your experience. Kirintec is an agile organisation – we are able to draw conclusions quickly; with intellectual perception.


We combine our knowledge from three areas which benefits our customer base:

1.    Our Engineer’s expertise to ensure you have the optimum product to help you advance your response

2.    Our experience in the defence and security industry; many of us have worked in it for at least three decades and have shaped some of the large organisations in it previously.

3.    Within our team we have many former High Threat IED Operator’s. Together they conducted operational tours in countries such as: Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq.


This is significant as this experience means we understand unique threats you face and then can offer you the best solution we have in ECM, EOD tools or in IEDD.


We embrace change, as that is the nature of our industry, it requires as to be fast moving to counter emergent threats. We must constantly self-review and analyse if the solutions we provide, advice we offer and our training plans stand up to what we need.


We do so to save life.


We cannot afford to get it wrong. In fact we have to do so with conviction, pace and ahead of our competitors. If you would like to find out how we can help you, your team, organisation or country then please get in touch now.

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