Be aware: supporting National Counter Terrorism Awareness week

It is National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week (NCATW) from Monday, 28 November 2016.


NCTAW is a national campaign headed by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office), for the police service and partners. As a result, it is vital everyone’s awareness is heightened, not just this week, but every week.


A strategic approach

The UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, focuses on four key areas;

  1. pursue
  2. prevent
  3. protect
  4. prepare

To increase awareness nationally, there are scheduled briefings about working in partnership across the country. Consequently, I believe being informed can make a difference of how we approach life. That said, it is important to be aware, rather than frightened.


Keeping safe is important

Be vigilant whether that be at home, in business, while out and about or online. We can all keep in mind the need to pursue, prevent, protect and prepare as part of the strategy.


Police are focusing on areas where joint working with businesses and the public can prevent terrorism. The danger posed by violent extremists has evolved and we all know of instances occurring in Europe when we look back over this year as an example.


“It may be nothing”

This is something we suspect the professionals manning the anti-terrorist hotline have heard on more than one occasion. However, as an organisation or an individual if you see, suspect or discover something that could be life threatening, then we are sure communities would be glad you were vigilant. Do make a note of the counter terrorist hotline below, if you wish to report something suspicious.


Our products help to counter terrorism

Furthermore, at Kirintec we have many counter terror products. We help specific organisations in the pursuit or prevention and protection.