Brand direction

Thank you for revisiting the last instalment of my short series of branding posts, my university days and my first defence & security expo which led to our brand direction.


My inaugural exhibition offered enlightenment on my quest to unravel meaning and helped signpost our brand direction. This clarity is why we use so much white. This colour represents brilliance; there is a purity to it. If you see white in hospitals and medical centres it symbolises safety. The white is polar opposite to the black ‘cloak and dagger‘ shadow we showcased before.


We work in a notoriously secretive industry, we were arguably previously afraid to say anything, for fear of saying the wrong thing.


You do business with people you like, but how could you like (let alone trust) anyone you don’t know? It was an unusual quandary. We needed to offer a greater transparency and metaphorically let people through our doors just a bit more. Daring to put names, let alone faces on our website is just one example of the courage the team has taken here.


My marketing teams challenge was initially to get ‘buy in’ from colleagues. We’ve not blinded them with science about branding, instead they are a most welcome part of Kirintec’s story.


Branding now affects everything we do. It has touched the brilliant team, our exceptional products, the beautiful but unique Georgian office building and the experience we create – to name but some examples. Colleagues have been our foundation to build upon. I love it when a colleague now self-questions “Is it on brand?“, they get the need to be consistent and not mislead anyone about our essence and values.


Our logo features a circle. We have used this to link in with being protected – as part of the jamming bubble that our Mercury range of ECM electronic countermeasures offers. In using some of our much admired primary jamming products, EOD Operators can communicate, while terrorists can’t.


We deliver a promise of keeping others safe. We protect. Front line customers are enveloped in a ring of protection if you will. Our equipment and team is trusted to keep our customers safe. We must deliver on this every single time. We can’t fail; it could be life or death if we don’t.


We have implemented a simple but effective brand experience. No lies, just being as authentic and as transparent as we can.


Our suppliers and those who work with us have sent so many lovely good luck messages for the awards ceremony on 14 April 2016. They recognise it is about putting the security and defence on the map; as times are a changing. In recent years there is a heightened awareness of countering terrorist activity. We take our responsibility extremely seriously.


With regards to CIM, our win has been to be short-listed. Being recognised for taking great strides in a unique industry is a victory to us already.


Thank you to those who have supported us so far. I am proud of Kirintec and how we deliver promises.