Brand likening – “top of our game”

It is always hard if you don’t know much about what someone represents to decide if they are a good company to conduct business with. In reality most people involved in our industry with ECM, EOD and IEDD will have either heard about Kirintec or are already our customers and have a clear idea of what we mean to them. It is easy to make the  brand likening comparison.


However we accept that there may be niche corners of the world – or perhaps end users such as First Responders who are not yet familiar with the Kirintec name. When I was first interviewed for my marketing role back in June 2014, my now MD Roy Peers-Smith dropped in the line: “We are the Gucci of what we do”. This is where the brand likening stepped in.


This was more helpful than he ever realised, simply as it signposted me – as someone who never worked in this secretive industry previously, to understand his organisations credentials and own unique identity.


Okay, so I can now admit I internalised a squeal of delight at the thought of fine Gucci Italian fragrances, gorgeous leather goods, jewels, handbags and clothing… and I did momentarily get distracted in listening to the next question. But perhaps it’s best not to digress.


However, Roy was clever, in so far that he reached out to me in a way that I immediately understood and it left me post interview (and ever since), very clear about how to basically interpret the meaning of Kirintec, to those who are not in the know.


With my brand likening, I personally see Gucci as a leading quality fashion house that has been a destination for those with discerning taste. While our products in no-way compete with theirs, I can certainly see how our aspirations meet.


I believe now that our products may be considered as a preeminent brand too.


As an organisation we are recognised across the globe for our ability to innovate. Just as fashion has different seasons, our world has continually evolving threats and our response must change to counter terror attacks.


To stay at the top of our game, it is imperative that we understand, predict and lead the way with our ranges. We understand the threat to help ADVANCE our customers’ response.


In the same way Gucci products are hand-crafted (wow they are beautiful), our engineering team load our products with their UK craftsmanship and knowledge – I am told that many of our customers ‘drool’ (or whatever it is that men do) in the same way I would if I were gifted a pair of sexy Italian shoes, when our jammers are demonstrated in-country.


My point is that jaw dropping unparalleled design pleases, whatever your industry specialism or personal interest. High class design is always appreciated, respected and ultimately copied. I could go on, but I think you get the gist and remember there will only ever be one Kirintec.


I’ve truthfully never repeated Roy’s phrase to anyone about Gucci since my appointment. But my heart literally skipped a beat today when one of our European stakeholders (who doesn’t work for us incidentally) without any prompting also likened us.


He stated: “Kirintec is Gucci”.