Chinese New Year, our name and wishing you good luck!

February 8 is officially Chinese New Year (or at least the the date it will be celebrated in the UK). As the Chinese mark their New Year over one week (7-13 February). Happy New Year if you will be celebrating wherever you are in the world!


If you were born in the year of the monkey year: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, etc. you are known for being:

  • smart
  • clever
  • intelligent
  • lively
  • quick-witted
  • versatile

But don’t get too big headed as your shortcomings may be that you are cunning and arrogant!


As I mention Chinese New Year, it seems appropriate to drop in a little, ‘Did you know?’ style fact in today’s blog.

You may be interested that our company name ‘Kirintec’ was conceived from the combination of two words; ‘Kirin’ and ‘Technology’. Combining to read Kirintec, we put together our own portmanteau; do catch up on the post if you missed it.


While we are undoubtedly a technology led organisation, you may not know what the Kirin part is about. In Asia a Kirin is a good luck charm, which can also represent wisdom; existing to punish sinners.


Our pair of Kirin’s are pictured above; they are an important part of history for Kirintec.


We know those in our industry who face a terrorist’s bomb do need a certain amount of luck, but ultimately they must trust in the technology deployed. We can certainly provide the latter as we continually test and evolve our product portfolio. Kirintec is a name to trust when choosing tactical gear for anti-terror solutions.


Many across the globe trust us and deploy our Mercury and REBUS ECM jamming systems in their work.


While there is decidedly a relaxed tone to my words today, make no mistake that the team I work with take safety so seriously. It is literally a life or death situation if we don’t.


The fact remains that our product range saves life – of those operating products and the communities where they work. If you want to talk more about ECM, IEDD or EOD tools, I invite you to start a conversation now.