Being social – connect via our social media streams

There was a time when to many of us ‘being social’ meant a Friday after work down the pub – rumour has it I am quite social. While there is no substitute for a meeting in person, as MD even I haven’t been able to ignore social media.


Indeed when you read predictions online, it’s expected that CEO engagement  and being social via social media is expected to double by 2017.


More and more of us are recognising that we need to use social media to lead from the front and connect with our respective audiences. (A nod my marketing team will be happy to hear me say).


Our organisation is unusual in that we can’t promote who our customers are and exactly what we do for them. Historically since Kirintec’s inception, we didn’t say much – recognising we must be secretive.


However we have been prepared to challenge this. Being a ‘social’ MD I recognise that even I am expected to be one of the faces of our trailblazing brand. If you examine some of the most social CEOs then Branson blogs and has over 1.5m Facebook likes, while LinkedIn’s own Jeff Weiner has close to 2m followers.


If you believe the stats, then over 80 percent of people are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and team engage on social media.


So what do I have to lose?


As an agile organisation we are quite unique and we are fast – and often first to market with our new product development.


I’ve worked hard to recruit and retain the best team in the area. For example, our engineering team is second-to-none and there are many other colleagues in the organisation who have served at the front line; so we properly understand the heart of the industry.


This isn’t about me trying to emulate their stats, but it’s about encouraging you to engage with us. Being social is easy, we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, have a YouTube channel and more recently launched our Instagram account.


We know that we can’t reach everyone in the defence and security community, but we do see being social as one way to understand more about what we do, who we are and how we work.