We are a leading company in Counter IEDD

I am very proud to work at Kirintec, working with Counter IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal).


Over the past six years or so, since I have been affiliated with Kirintec, I have seen the company grow and new members of staff join our team on a regular basis. It always makes me smile when any clerical staff joining the team, often begin their first day without much of an idea about the capability of products we actually manufacture and learning of our jargon like ECM, IEDD, EOD and Counter IEDD.


They are always surprised when they learn.


Our team consists of a variety of experts including our:

  • talented group of Engineers who work hard in our laborartory; innovating cutting edge systems to combat the ever changing threats in the world of electronic countermeasures
  • knowledgeable Operations team who organise all of our contracts to ensure our customers receive their products on time
  • resourceful Training team, who travel all over the world to help individual customers to install kit and feel confident using our equipment
  • competent Sales and Marketing team who demonstrate and show the ranges to the world
  • fantastic Office colleagues, they ensure the smooth running of what goes on at HQ, from finance to meet and greet – everyone has a role


A few members of our team are ex-military which gives them a real insight as to what is really needed on the ground.


I have previously worked for several organisations in the security and defence industry, yet the sense of passion and pride in the products we produce is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is almost a sense of duty to protect, which drives the company forward.


Keeping our customer base safe is at the heart of our company. To quote our MD Roy Peers-Smith:

We are passionate about what we do, we work tirelessly to help combat terrorism and criminal threats that may be typically faced by our customer groups.