DIY SOS Veterans Part II

If you also watched the two episodes of the DIY SOS Veterans project in the north of the UK, once again you can’t fail to have been moved by the content.


The BBC tradespeople and presenters were intent on creating a veterans’ village which could feasibly be replicated in disused streets across the country.


While full credit goes to those heading the programme it is the fleet of volunteers, the Royal involvement – by two Princes and of course those whose lives they are trying to affect that makes the show all the more special and such compelling viewing.


The second episode followed former Irish Guard 37 year old Lamin Manneh. After moving from the Gambia to the UK, Lamin said he wanted to ‘give something back’ so joined the Army.


While serving in Afghanistan brave soldier Lamin sadly lost an arm and both his legs after stepping on a bomb.


What was particularly poignant was how it reminded the viewer not to take the simplest things for life for granted. As the humble father of five hasn’t been able to manage the stairs and therefore rewarding tasks such as: tucking his kids into bed, read them a story or enjoying outdoor pursuits such as watch his children play football in the garden.


Immense combined efforts changed this. Show host Nick Knowles explained: “You have made these people safe – now they have come together to make you and your family safe.”


For me those words ‘keeping you safe’ really resonated. At Kirintec we passionately believe our products keep those on the front line concerned with ECM and C-IEDD safe. It was so heart-warming to see the deserving heroes be treated with the respect they deserve.


Photo source: The Military Mutual, read about their involvement