Drone expert becomes drexpert

A drone expert is a drexpert. just as breakfast and lunch combining mean a tasty brunch!


The correct term for this type of word blending if I remember rightly is ‘portmanteau’ [said port-man-toe].
Recalling my school days, when we read Through the Looking-Glass this is where I was first introduced to portmanteau by Lewis Carroll via the Jabberwocky.


Working in marketing we encounter many more examples, as admittedly my type likes to conjure them up, just as a ‘wordician‘ would! For example:

• ‘Infographic’ meaning information graphic
• We often describe ourselves working in ‘marcomms’ – that’s marketing communications
• ‘email’ for electronic mail and from this evolved: ‘ecommerce’, ‘enews’ and ‘eshots’ – you get the idea.


To my delight and slight amusement I heard a non-marketing colleague use portmanteau terms in our workplace recently. It’s these I would like to share; the first as it is brilliant and the second as it shows brilliance.


1) In the context of a meeting, the said team member ‘voluntold‘ someone to take the minutes. How could you refuse, if it was put to you that it would be your role next meeting? I love the term which allows you to be daringly cheeky so much I would like to start a campaign for the Oxford Dictionary Lexicographer’s to add it to their 2016 edition. But I won’t necessarily ‘voluntell’ you to spread the word!


2) Secondly, I overheard my colleague saying that he is Kirintec’s resident ‘Drexpert‘. My interest was heightened, I simply had to join the conversation and find out what a Drexpert does. My mission was successful and today I can impart that it is a ‘Drone Expert’. So please feel reassured that if you are an EOD type, we have a wonderful one working at Kirintec.


While this may seem a light-hearted article, I do recognise that terrorism threats are very serious. Threats evolve. As a customer, your response must too. If you have ECM equipment, I’m sure you will want to work with our team of subject experts (But don’t blend my last two words before the brackets; as you’ll get a whole different idea to the one intended!)