ECM in the future (Electronic Countermeasures)

Over the series of articles recenlty posted, we have looked at how ECM has evolved – originating from radio controlled cars being used in Northern Ireland in the 70s.


With respect to ECM technology, it is essential that we keep both eyes on the future. As terrorists try to out-smart, we must continue to advance our response and work together to do so.


It has been suggested that the future for jammers will use latest cutting edge advances in electronics and battery technology, coupling this with well written and dynamically evolved software.
Similarly, as more commercial communication equipment becomes available, the insurgent gains greater choice in his means of delivering a firing signal. This means ECM has to cover a wider number of threats.


As a PIRA spokesman after the Brighton hotel bomb aimed at Mrs Thatcher said, “Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always.” Agreed, this was a timed device but the premise holds very true for RCIEDs .


Remember that the RCIED (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device) is an electronically initiated explosive that uses a wireless detonation method consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. Typically examples include:

  • radios
  • cordless phones
  • key fobs
  • or any over-the-air technology that can transmit a RF signal to an electronic receiving unit.

Modern DDS jammers with a quality software fill written for the threat in that specific area, means luck doesn’t come into the battle against RCIEDs.


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