We look ahead to 2018 for EW, ECM and counter UAS

2017… another amazing year for Kirintec!

Pride in our work

Working in a niche area of defence and security, we take our responsibilities seriously. I am proud to be associated with our work including:

  • EW (Electronic Warfare)
  • C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems)
  • EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
  • and ECM (Electronic Countermeasures).


Our range of solutions is designed to make a difference across the globe.


Ultimately, the advice we share and knowledge we embed in our C-IED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device), EOD, ECM and EW products saves lives, protecting communities.


Experience counts

I work with an amazing team. Impressively, they are genuinely passionate about their work. Their combined ability embeds every product with excellence.


Informed by individual’s knowledge

A lot of our team at Kirintec worked on the front line. Determinedly, they led teams in-country, including:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Iraq
  • and Afghanistan.


Notably, when we advise, train and/or support, our customers can always be confident in our offering. Repeat business is testament to the team understanding the threat, to help advance your response.


Our excellent team work across three offices, with UK headquarters and additional offices in the USA and Dubai. We expect the highest standards from our suppliers, trusting them to exceed our expectations and delight our customers.


ISO9001 company

We are committed to quality assurance in everything we do. Whether you are customer, a colleague, supplier or a partner we continue to be grateful for your support.


Product launches this year

This year we had to major launches in Abu Dhabi and London:


Looking ahead

Rest assured, we have more planned for 2018. We firmly believe our jamming capability is unrivalled. New developments are under way in Electronic Warfare (EW) for 2018. Please make a diary note to see us in Switzerland for the Association of Old Crows 23rd edition of Electronic Warfare over 5 – 7 June 2018.


Saluting their courage

Kirintec solutions support those on the front line.


Yet, I cannot end this post without acknowledging the hard work of allied Forces whose work helps to keep communities safe. Quite literally they risk their lives as individuals and teams to keep other safe. These are often unsung and unknown heroes to the general public.


Thank you for your efforts. Equally, in a time when often many are celebrating over the Winter break, we must remember those families who have lost someone valiant.


Contact the team today

Finally, please get in touch if you want to start a conversation about how our solutions make a difference.