About our kits

Kirintec have designed a range of IEDD & EOD kits containing essential equipment to assist operators with their tasks.  We also create bespoke solutions for specific tasks.  

About our kits

IEDD individual operators kit

This lightweight dismounted kit was developed for IEDD Operators to work on an autonomous basis in high threat environments for extended periods of time.

The pack is supplied with lightweight rigging kit and firing cable but also contains space for a number of optional extras such as disrupters, ammunition and other equipment.

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Mini dismounted search kit

This is a compact and lightweight dismounted kit to carry and have at your fingertips.

Benefit from maximum operational flexibility with minimum strong small pieces of equipment.

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Medium Hook & Line Rigging Kit

EOD users can benefit from a compact dismounted kit for conventional mounted EOD. The kit has a lightweight heavy duty rigging line for semi-remote action and versatile accessories for improved ease of access.

This kit is simple, and yet proven to be highly effective for its purpose.

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IED Extraction Kit

This kit has been designed to deliver an effective light scale capability to dismounted troops, for extracting an IED main charges from the ground. Users benefit from a quick and efficient capability when tasked with lifting heavy and/or awkwardly shaped items from difficult positions. 

The IED extraction kit is used in conjunction with a disposable disrupter and projectile delivery system, which fires Kirintec’s flying spike charge attachment.

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Forensic Field Exploitation Kit Level 1

Our forensic field exploitation kit holds all the necessary items required by a WIT or Forensic team to recover valuable information and samples from a post-blast scene.

Please ask the team about advanced Level 1 field forensic kits, Level 2 forensic analysis and investigation equipment, enhanced kits with chemical and explosive detection aids and our custom made forensic solutions.

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Comprehensive Dismounted IEDD Team Kit

Our comprehensive kit comprises everything necessary to carry out a render safe procedure while remaining mobile and agile as part of a dismounted or rapid response operation. 

The complete set of equipment in the kit is contained in two backpacks and is suitable for teams operating in urban and non-urban operating environments.

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Search & Rescue Kit

Reusable multi-role disrupter is lightweight and highly-powered making it ideal for IEDD/EOD and search operations.

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Lightscale Hook & Line Rigging Kit

The lightweight hook and line kit has been designed to provide essential lightscale capability with all extraneous weight and peripherals removed.

This kit was developed in response to lightscale operations in current high threat operational deployments and as such has been honed to the needs of high threat IEDD operators or special force units operating on a ‘flyaway’ basis.

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