16TH MARCH 2017

We’re exhibiting at EW (Electronic Warfare) Europe 6-8 June 2017

We are delighted to be attending this year’s Electronic Warfare (EW) Europe event. The event is held from Tuesday 6th June until Thursday 8th June 2017 at Olympia London.


First of all, we invite you to visit the Kirintec team on stand 70. You will find us located between the main auditorium and Conference Centre.


Electronic Warfare involves discovering, exploiting and disrupting enemy communication and non-communication systems. With this in mind Kirintec’s impressive capabilities currently focuses on the domination and denial of the RF environment.


Our job is to provide world-class products. We strive to keep you safe while defeating the Electronic Warfare threat. Radio Controlled systems and devices are used initiate RCIEDs (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices), or deliver direct threat in a number of forms.


Industry specialists

At Kirintec we specialise in providing a safe and controlled operating environment. Importantly, we aim to reduce this threat and provide your team with a strategic operational and tactical advantage.


Our innovative capabilities include:


Kirintec’s aim is to keep you protected from the evolving asymmetric threat. Impressively, in tests to date our product is out-performing others.


The EW Europe event

With delegates expected to arrive at EW Europe this June from over 42 countries, we are confident you will benefit from our teams’ expertise. Organisers at EW Europe have cited their aim  is to consider the future of EW and EM Operations. All this, in the changing light of current and emerging threats.


Admission is restricted to professional and business visitors who have been invited. Consequently they will be able to consider possible responses, while examining new capabilities required in all countries in the free world.


EW Europe strives to advance EW and electromagnetic operations together. At Kirintec we strive to advance your response in the both conventional and asymmetric environments.



If you are unable to join us in London, you can of course find out more about our EW offering now. Start a conversation today.