We shine the spotlight on charity the Felix Fund

November is a big month for remembrance. However most charities do such excellent work year-round. The Felix Fund Bomb Disposal charity is no exception.


The Felix Fund – a charity close to our hearts, will be having a fundraising dinner soon. We expect to be supporting the event in some way, even if we can’t be there in person.


The Felix Fund work exceptionally hard to support those who have assisted with the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) community.


Each month they endeavour to relay how funds are used. This is to be accountable and showcase the difference it makes to others’ lives.


Case study one

For example, in September they highlighted one of the purchases they made. It was kayaking equipment for an ex-soldier who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For the soldier, getting out and on the water helps him both physically and mentally. The ability to make a difference (however small) can make a big difference to others.


Case study two

We recently asked the Felix Fund how some of our fundraising efforts have helped others this year. They kindly explained that earlier this year their charity asked to help send an ex-Sapper to Australia for pioneering surgery.


The circumstances were that he had lost both legs in Afghanistan. Previously he was unable to wear prosthetics because of how his injury had left him. After years of wheelchair confinement and unable to venture out on his own he sought improvements. The former soldier was constantly exploring medical advances to assist with a better quality of life.


Dealing with extreme pain Clive became aware of pioneering Osseo integration surgery. It is a procedure which could attach fixtures to his stumps to then enable prosthetics to be fitted.


The surgery was only available in Australia. As health matters, he re-mortgaged his home to pay for it.


However the Felix Fund gave out the unusually large sum of £10,000 to pay for the soldier and his partner to travel to Australia for the two month stay for the procedure.


The charity is unable to help with the medical bills, but they could help ensure other expenses did not become an additional burden for them.


Happily the former soldier is now up on his feet and doing so well.


We know a lot of you sponsor colleagues at Kirintec – for example our Deputy MD has asked for support on his fundraising quests this year. It is important that we tell you your money does and continues to make a difference.


We thank you for helping us support the Felix Fund.


Donate today

There are plenty of ways to make a difference, please visit the Felix Fund website to learn how.


Pictured: Our Felix Fund pin badge collection to date.