7TH JUNE 2016

We care about the Felix Fund charity

JustGiving is the world’s social platform for giving. They recognised our very own Nick Watts as a top 5% fundraisers from May, when he supported the Felix Fund charity.


Nick ran 52 miles; in under 12 hours 30 minutes.


This was a mental and physical battle of a different kind for our former High Threat IED Operator. Nick previously conducted tours in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq.  As well as being a personal challenge, his primary goal on this double-marathon undertaking was to raise money for the Felix Fund.


I asked Melanie Moughton, Chief Executive of the Felix Fund to explain what Nick and Kirintec’s continued efforts in supporting the bomb disposal charity.


Melanie outlined: “Kirintec have been a tremendous supporter of Felix Fund, since the charity started in 2011.


The continued support from the company as a whole and individual staff members enables the charity to help more people in need within the EOD community. Thank you isn’t enough – we couldn’t do it without you.”


In the interest of learning more about where the money goes, here are a two examples shared by the Felix Fund charity to us:


Case study one

In early 2016 Felix Fund charity was asked to help send an ex-Sapper to Australia for pioneering surgery. He had lost both legs in Afghanistan and was unable to wear prosthetics and after years confined to a wheelchair and unable to venture out on his own.


While dealing with extreme pain, the individual in question became aware of osseointegration surgery. This procedure could attach fixtures to his stumps to enable prosthetics to be fitted. The surgery was only available in Australia so he re-mortgaged his home to pay for it. Felix


Fund gave out the unusually large sum of £10,000 to pay for the gentleman and his partner to travel to Australia for the two month stay for the procedure.


As a charity the Felix Fund is unable to help with the medical bills, but in this instance they could help ensure that other expenses did not become an additional burden for them.


Happily the recipient is now up on his feet and doing so well.



Case study two

The son of a serving AT had been born with severe physical and mental disabilities. Whilst the family coped well they were unable to take their three small boys out together. This was because of the difficulties entailed with ensuring their son was safe and secure.


The family approached Felix Fund to help purchase a specialist buggy which would last him many years as he grew.


£1,800 was awarded to go and purchase the equipment. Happily he is now able to get to school in his new buggy and to go on family outings.


Nick running and his contacts raised a whopping £1087.46 this May. Thank you so much everyone for making a difference to others lives within the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) community. If you feel that you would like to help, please visit the Felix Fund charity website to find out how.