Events from history with a military flavour

With a historical eye, I wanted to examine some events from history with a military theme.


The approach to Christmas in my house is always started by our neighbours, they are obviously very excited to start the celebrations as the Halloween decorations come down and the Christmas decorations go up!


As I often hear, it starts earlier every year.


Well I for one love it and am fully into the Christmas spirit already, having just watched a marathon of movies, including one of my favourites – The Kranks Christmas!


This has already set me thinking about military events which have happened on Christmas Day. Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays on earth but this unfortunately does not mean conflicts stop at this time.


In the first of two posts, I’m sharing a few key points in history where military events took place on Christmas Day over the years:


1776 – Washington crosses the Delaware River

George Washington crossed the Delaware River on the night of 25 December 1776 during the American Revolutionary War. This was the first move in a surprise attack organized by George Washington against the British and Hessian troops in Trenton.



1914 – WW1 Christmas truce soccer games

This was one of the most well known amazing events to happen on Christmas Day amidst the blood and carnage of the trench warfare. During the holiday celebrations, in 1914 a temporary ceasefire broke out between the British and German forces serving on the Weston Front.


The soldiers laid down their arms to sing carols, play football (or soccer depending on where you are from); bartering with cigarettes and sweets they’d received in care packages from the nations they served.


Well done who still send care packages / letters in these present times. It is a lovely festive tradition. I’ll share more thoughts with you tomorrow on events in history.


[photo credit: adopt a platoon]