Work in IEDD, then talking to us is easy!

Happy New Year and welcome back to your 2016 IEDD plans.


Another festive season is done, trees are packed away (or planted). The chances are you may have over indulged somewhere and your mind will possibly be on resolutions – or perhaps are even wondering why you have already broken yours! If IEDD, EOD and ECM is what you do, then the chances are our products and services will give the refreshing edge needed.


With Kirintec you aren’t just buying off the shelf, but you can create bespoke solutions tailored to your needs:


  • Our jammers offer exactly this. We can help decipher and understand the threats you need to counter and our engineering team then provide exactly the ‘fill’ you need. Ask us now about our Mercury range which also provides communication through inhibition and REBUS ideal for you that work in first response solutions.


  • Kirintec kits are always well received. Take one Bergan and write a wish-list of exactly what you need and we can provide it. What is more our experts can review it if you wish, suggest alternatives and work with you to ensure you have the very best of what’s available. Quite literally we have sent hundreds of the same kits to customers: each one packed perfectly, we always great feedback that personnel using our kits feel extra reassured and ready for action in their work roles.


  • You may not know that at Kirintec we offer superior training courses to our customers. Our trainers worked previously in very senior positions in roles just like yours, making them the ideal people to write and deliver courses either in-country or in the UK should you prefer.


We are passionate about what we do, we are trusted internationally. So whatever your counter terror needs, we would encourage you to start a conversation with the Kirintec Team today or telephone: +44 1989 568350