26TH JULY 2016

REBUS 2 is available, find out more today!

It’s new and now available: discover REBUS 2


Firstly, at Kirintec we understand the threat, to help advance your response. Importantly, since customer requirements have continued to evolve, our offering has too.


As a result of us continually researching, we understand the global marketplace. This is why we are manufacturing REBUS 2.


Therefore, if you are considering electronic countermeasure (ECM) solutions as a first response, or if you are a First Responder, please look no further!



REBUS 2 is the best possible solution

Consequently this means:

  • additional threats covered
  • you benefit from even greater user configurability
  • operatives just like you, can help prevent Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) initiation



First Response deployment

Especially relevant for our friends amongst the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) community, is we know you must trust the equipment you have. Our REBUS family of products is reassuring; in choosing REBUS 2 you are equipped to protect the communities you serve.


Arguably, globally everyone’s awareness has heightened in recent years of threats at large. Public places more than ever need to be protected. Hence these typically these include:

  • Shopping arenas
  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Buildings
  • People
  • Mass transit locations
  • Sites of critical infrastructure and importance



REBUS Confidence Checker

“How do I know it’s working?”

Since this is a common question asked about ECM, and as you are not able to see a system visibly working (you must take a leap of faith and trust equipment), we have addressed this quandary. In fact, you need not ask this again. Undoubtedly, you should be pleased to learn we have a REBUS Confidence Checker.


Choose to buy this nifty piece of kit either pre-programmed, or with software for another user to programme it. Importantly, our REBUS Confidence Checker works by scanning the frequency range and comparing it against its pre-programmed threat parameters.


Clever? Yes, we think so!



Contact us

Our team is knowledgeable, because many worked on the front-line also.


These colleagues know EXACTLY what you require; they faced scenarios you now do. As a potential or existing customer, you can tap into our knowledge, we understand the threat to help advance your response.


We can advise on the solution you will need. Please email: info@kirintec.com