13TH JULY 2017

Join us in Thailand at Ravens Challenge ASEAN 2017

Kirintec is showcasing solutions at Ravens Challenge ASEAN*. We will be in Thailand from Monday 10 until Friday 21 July 2017.


If you are attending the forthcoming event only for military and Government officials only, I invite you to join me to learn more about our impressive solutions. This multi-site challenge simulates the real world IED (Improvised Explosive Device) incidents, while offering product training.


I look forward to meeting many of you once again, or welcoming those who have not been previously to the Challenge. Importantly it provides an excellent format to demonstrate our solutions working under realistic conditions.


You can see first-hand how we can assist with:

  • route clearance
  • VIP protection
  • defeating IEDs and so much more.


Working in partnership

Hosted and facilitated by Thailand police and unit 191 EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) of the Thai police, Ravens Challenge brings together regional partners from the Government, military, law enforcement, academia, and private industry.


Once again I have been invited to guest speak and impart my industry knowledge. However if you are unable to attend, you are of course welcome at the stand or to find out more at any of our training sessions.


In line with Ravens Challenge ASEAN objectives, we aim to talk about capability, interoperability, and communication to reduce the threat from IEDs and other acts of terrorism and high threat criminality.


Task Force training

For the 2017 Ravens Challenge an additional week is being added, prior to the main event, to focus on commanders and inter-agency task force training. This supplementary week will also provide an opportunity for the exchange of information between nationalities at the commander level. This allows you to see understand first-hand situational events and how our solutions can assist.



At Ravens Challenge ASEAN Kirintec will be showcasing:

  • Counter drone solutions
  • Detection (Dual band non-linear junction and/or metal detection)
  • Disruptor capability
  • Kirintec Kits
  • Explosive Ordnance Tools
  • Electronic countermeasures


*ASEAN members

Include Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore.



Please get in touch to find out more about our multiple solutions info@kirintec.com