Meet Katy Kirintec; our pin-up created for good luck

Katy is our World War II specially created pin-up girl. Traditionally this kind of art could be found on a bomber aircraft, but we’ve created her to be a Kirintec good luck charm for those serving on the front line, in the world of bomb disposal.


The history

In the 1890s a street artist form Paris Jules Cheret painted ‘pin-up girls’. He set an example to the contemporary advertisers in posters and magazines in the late Victorian era. Christian Dior picked up on this later with fashion advertising.


Fashion spilled across to the military world. During World War II American Magazine called Yank featured a number of fabulous pin-ups. The intention was to help boost morale and distract them from the risk of death reportedly. Often the glamorous ladies were depicted in military attire.


While many cinema stars like Rita Hayworth and Ingrid Bergman as pin-up girls may come to mind, artists like Alberto Vargas and Gil (Gillette) Elvgren created their own real female sirens.


Their creations were popularised in magazines. Examples ranged from the risqué, to the super-glamorous – right through to girl next door types.


Indeed Elvgren painted over 500 paintings across four decades and he won the best pint up artist award. While Vargas’ girls were adapted as ‘nose art’ on many World War II bomber and fighter aircraft. The artwork was considered inspiring, helpful and to bring good luck.


Our homage

Kirintec is a global defence and security organisation, our products are specialist, but typically see us working with those who work in bomb disposal world and military.


While we don’t have bombers as part of our fleet, we do work in the bomb disposal world. We work with men and ladies who are on the front line. They courageously put their lives at risk for their countries. It is often our equipment that helps to keep them safe.


We wanted to produce our own Kirintec siren as a homage to this era of military art and as a good luck charm, for those who believe in it. We’ve called her Katy, all of our part numbers start with the prefix ‘KT’. She is our darling.


Fiona Stephenson is a talented UK artist we chose to create her. Inspired by 40s and 50s advertising, Fiona is an acclaimed Elvgren tribute painter who uses oils. With this in mind, we believe Katy has a sexy edge, without being sleazy and perfectly captures the era. We hope she provides a perfect antidote in the sometimes cynical world.


Pin-up Katy will soon be framed and found on the walls at HQ. We will be using her on some of our merchandise as a lucky keepsake. Genuinely she is a piece of art that is not intended to offend. Hence, we hope you love her too.