Belfast 1972 – how Kirintec evolved

Belfast 1972 – How Kirintec evolved


Likened to a deadly game of ‘cat and mouse’, the British Army and its support cast of numerous scientists began their Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum battle against the Irish Republican Army (IRA), with their equally ingenious and clever engineers and bomb makers in 1972.


However, this was no game.


It was about gaining ‘the upper hand’ with fatal effect for someone. The use of technology began to unravel to the point we now know it. Importantly, what would become the Kirintec team, first began to understand the threat and how quickly that threat can change.


It was this point in history that started to shape our expertise and highly capable business.


The very first devices in Northern Ireland used mechanical servos from toy cars and aircraft to act as a switch in the circuit between the batteries and the detonator. As any boy with a radio controlled car will know, the transmitter and receiver can often experience interference between them; bearable if your car veers off its path briefly, less so if you are controlling a model aircraft and it drops out of the sky. It is normally fatal for someone, if you have 20kgs of ammunition nitrate/aluminium wired up to it. Why you would look for new imaginative ways of controlling this should be obvious?


As with all Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), a Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) is only limited by the imagination of the bomb maker.


If the maker has access to the latest technology and a basic understanding of electronics, then just about any ‘Commercial-Off-The-Shelf’ (COTS) receiver can be adapted into a firing circuit.


As threats evolved, so did our understanding.


It is this wisdom that helped the team to better understanding our industry. It was arguably from this point that countermeasures became important to combat the threats not just in Northern Ireland, but globally.


This history has helped to shape us into the organisation we now are. When we say that our product portfolio is embedded with unrivalled knowledge, this is what we mean when we examined how Kirintec evolved.


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