Kirintec’s search and access kit

Following on in our series of sharing our latest Kirintec datasheets with you, I am pleased to present our Search and access kit – please take a look.


Whatever you need to search for as part of your professional role, then undoubtedly our search and access kit should be of interest for you. Admittedly it is too advanced for an on-body search, but the types of scenarios that this equipment should be useful in helping you to search and access some of the following:


  • Suspect devices which have been hidden
  • Helping you to access building panels
  • Vehicle search
  • Body search
  • Locating concealed contraband. For example: chemicals, drugs or money


Our kit weighs 40kg or 88lbs, so when compiling it, we have certainly considered the carry weight for you or your team member who will be deploying the equipment. At Kirintec we have used our joint expertise and compiled the kit to be the very best it can be, designing the contents to ensure that you have everything you will need whatever scenario you are presented with, while not making it too heavy or impossible to carry with you.


When you purchase this kit, it arrives neatly packed into the Bergan and within separate pouches, which zip or close away neatly.


As you can see we have pictured an example in black, but should your team a different colour then please ask.


The same applies to any names you need adding to the Bergan. For example for some customers we add a Velcro removable patch, which has their logo or brand name on it. Leaving an option to have it displayed or hidden, depending on your operational task.


As with all of our kits, we offer bespoke solutions, so should your task dictate that you want some equipment adding, then please ask the team.