Is working at Kirintec like being in a Bond film?

Likening to our workplace and a Bond film is something I was recently asked.


So let me contemplate my response and all that a Bond film brings,  while I sip on my vodka martini…


When you look around our car park, there are some lovely vehicles but none are amphibious, this is the only workplace where the onsite bar is something that makes me smile and I do work with some dashing men – but none wear a tux to work, or are called James.


Joking aside, our image may be that we have a licence-to-kill, but in reality what we do is the polar opposite. Kirintec is all about preserving and saving life. Those who think otherwise are wrong.


Our products bring meaning to the words defence and security. Take a bomb operator – their steely nerve, courage, knowledge and a watchful eye from lady-luck are all paramount, but you bet your bottom dollar that they must trust the products they use.


Our electronic countermeasures are impressive. We have the option of offering communications through inhibition with our Mercury range of jammers.


The advance of RCIED (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) threats against our Forces has seen the continuing need to provide a protective electronic ‘bubble’ around us. At Kirintec we strive to keep those using any of our amazing products. From ECM (Electronic Countermeasures), to EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) tools to our bespoke kit safe.


We install our equipment properly, teach our users how to deploy and maintain any equipment we sell, while priding ourselves on fully understanding the threat faced.


So to answer the question: no it’s not, but in the words of Carly Simon at Kirintec ‘Nobody Does It Better’.