Many thanks to all involved with Kirintec

With days left of this year, it seems apt that I reflect back on what an amazing year it has been for Kirintec with grateful and many thanks.


As an SME it really has felt that we started this year as a ‘small’ entity (not that I like labelling), and are embarking next year definitely as a medium size organisation – and with further growth projected.


While it wouldn’t feel right to name people individually, I am very well aware that is people that have undoubtedly made Kirintec the dynamic organisation it has become to date.


I would hazard a guess that we have over 700 suppliers who have or continue to work with us thus far. We pride ourselves on working with the best people, so to every organisation that supports us in Kirintec, thank you from me. From those who manufacture the smallest bolt in our kits, right through to those involved with the most expensive components we source, it is important for us that quality runs through or veins.


My team are fantastic. I have asked a lot of them this year and they have not failed to deliver. Their specialist knowledge is embedded in our products, our services and our brand. We continue to believe that we properly understand the threats globally to help advance our customer’s response.


This year has seen some wonderful partnerships begin and hopefully long they may continue for years to come. With ADS, NDIA, Harris and Darley – I certainly look forward to what 2016 and beyond brings.


I’m not going to get carried away in this post, but it seems only right to thank each and every customer.


We know that many of you have been loyal to Kirintec since our inception and that this year we have so many of you entrust us with your EOD, IEDD and ECM needs this year. We are honoured to supply you and will do everything we can to continue to exceed your expectations.


To everyone who is part of Kirintec globally, works with or buys from us – thank you from all of our Board of Directors.


Many thanks,