Meet Adam Heath… if you dare!

In our quest to introduce you to some of our lovely team, it was an obvious choice to share our chat with clever Technician Adam Heath as a Halloween special. We unveil what he said:


What does your job involve as a Technician?

I’ve a wide range of duties: on a given day I can be involved in test, repair, production, calibration, purchasing, evaluation, field work, paperwork and design. I’d like to think that I play a large contribution to the everyday smooth operation and running of the ‘asylum’!


What has been your favourite thing so far about working here?

Probably the sense of achievement and feeling that in some small way I am making the world a safer, better place to live in. That – and the banter… I am the self-proclaimed Arch Bishop of Banterbury; we enjoy winding each other up.


What do you do when you’re not in work?

I live in a 400 year old barn conversion on the side of a Welsh mountain that I spent two years of my life renovating. I enjoy walking, mountain biking, playing the guitar and lately promoting my wife Paula’s supernatural novels. Her Gothic vampire novels ‘Orphans of a Loveless God’ are number one on the Amazon website.


Tell us something ‘spooky’ about yourself

I am the Team Leader of Forest Paranormal Investigations, technically investigating the paranormal for about 14 years. We run events for the public but mainly privately investigating reputedly haunted buildings or areas. My interest runs in the family as my father and grandfather were both early pioneers of infra-red spirit photography. They would record and photograph séances as far back as the 1950s. I have a lot of their old fashioned equipment, photographs and recordings at home.


What scares you most?

I can happily sit on my own in a thousand year old haunted castle without breaking a sweat; yet I am terrified by large man-made objects (particularly submarines and wind turbines)… oh and sharks. I would hate to be eaten by a large fish.


Who have you met that’s famous and how did this come about?

Over the years I have worked with some ‘famous’ names in the business and I’ve been interviewed by BBC radio/news. However, in keeping with our Halloween theme I appeared on Sky TVs Great British Ghosts with Michaela Strachan. We filmed two episodes over six days in the most haunted venues in and around the Forest of Dean.


If you had to walk into the laboratory to a theme tune every day, what song would you pick?

That one’s easy…. Slayer’s ‘Angel of Death’ – first track on the Reign in Blood album. Twenty nine years old, 4 minutes and 51 seconds long. Written by the late great Jeff Hanneman and still the greatest thrash metal song of all time.


31 October is Halloween in the UK, how will you be spending it?

My wife Paula and I are hosting an all-night paranormal event for thirty guests at the very haunted St Briavels Castle. It’s 900 years old and has more ghost stories than an Edgar Allan Poe book! We will be approaching the night form a very technical aspect using: night vision cameras, thermal imaging equipment, digital voice recorders, EMF meters and motion sensors.


Who would play you in a film and what genre would it be?

It would either be a scary horror movie or one of the new Star Wars films – I’m a total Star Wars geek; even when I married I had a Pagan/Jedi ceremony. As for who would play me… it would be Harrison Ford.


Tell us something no-one knows about you?

I once spent three hours getting drunk with Metallica at Birmingham NEC on their ‘And Justice for All Tour’. I missed the last train home and was basically in the right place at the right time. Other than that if I told you everything I would lose some of my ‘air of mystery’, so respectfully I’m saying no more!


Adam Heath tells us about his halloween evening