Mercury: Planet alignment makes ECM topical

If you were up early yesterday or today, in some parts of the UK for the first time in a decade you can see five planets align with the naked eye. They are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.


The impressive quintet forms a neat line from the horizon to the moon. Don’t worry though if you missed it, as you have around one month, until 20 February 2016 to be treated to this spectacle. The beautiful view is best observed forty-five minutes before dawn breaks, making it ideal for those up at the crack of dawn to observe even the smallest of the planets – Mercury.


Okay so I have been enjoying a bit of ‘Stargazing Live’ recently and have been watching Major Tim Peake, so I have learnt the technical term for the five planets. It is an ecliptic plane of their orbits!


Of the five planets it is Mercury whose name leaps out to me.


One of our most popular products here at Kirintec is Mercury ECM (electronic countermeasure), which is a jammer that can be vehicle docked or man-portable. Mercury BLADE or Ventura.


A year on the smallest planet in our solar system Mercury is just 88 days long. Where as those deploying Mercury jammers can expect reliability 365 protection for each day.


In the UK, if you are a teeny bit superstitious we say, ‘When the stars align”. This is said to signify a coincidence, usually signposting something to be lucky or fortuitous. (However in solar terms, it is actually planets – rather than stars that align).

As an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Operator you need:

  • 100% reliable equipment, you can trust whichever day you deploy it
  • Nerves of steel
  • Knowledge
  • Your fair share of luck

So if you want help with the former, please start a conversation with us.