Monument to the Women of World War II

This week a few of us went to London on business. We wanted to pay our respects in Whitehall, just north of the Cenotaph to the women of world war II.


In doing so we took time to visit the British bronze national memorial, this was sculpted by John Mills.


I had heard about it and felt compelled to remember the women who had served in World War II. The impressive monument stands over 6 metres high, it was dedicated by Baroness Boothroyd.


Since visiting I learnt it was unveiled by our Queen Elizabeth II two days after the 7/7 London bombings in 2005.


The fitting tribute formed part of the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War commemorations too.


So unknown to me it seems fitting we don’t just all remember the brave ladies (plus men and animals), who fought in World War II, but the innocents who lost their lives in London because of the bombings.


The monument has symbolic significance:

1.       On the sides, the lettering is the same that was used for ration books

2.       To symbolise the different jobs ladies took during the war there are a total of 17 different sets of clothing or uniform.

3.       From the image, if you are interested in military history you may sight examples from the army, navy, nursing and emergency services.


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