Nick takes on challenge in aid of Felix Fund

Nick Watts is our Deputy MD and a former high threat IED (Improvised Explosive Device) operator. Nick is undertaking the Malvern Hills Ultra (MHU) in aid of the Felix Fund charity.


He joins many other athletes on Saturday 7 May 2016 for the gruelling race.


Before joining Kirintec, Nick conducted operational tours in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq. He served in 16 Air Assault Brigade as part of the British Airborne Forces. Yet he is currently training for his latest demanding encounter, inspirationally he will be tackling a 52 mile race across the Malvern Hills.


The hills have been described as a mountain range in miniature; containing some of the oldest rocks in Britain. Runners will ascent to over 6,000 foot. It’s a notoriously tough terrain, where mountaineer George Mallory even prepared for his climb across Everest.


The Felix Fund is not just a charity close to Nick’s heart, but one that the whole of Kirintec supports.


Specifically the Felix Fund supports military or police personnel and their families, who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) duties.


This includes ammunition technical officers, ammunition technicians, ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) operators, drivers, infantry escorts, weapons intelligence specialists, dog handlers, searchers or any other military or police personnel involved in EOD duties.


The Felix Fund offer therapeutic normalisation breaks to help bomb disposal teams readjust to life in the UK after serving overseas. Donations help raise money for welfare and rehabilitation facilities and build hardship funds for all.


I have no doubt that every stride Nick makes, he will be inspired by every potential pound he will raise for the Felix Fund charity he is so passionate about. Personally I am in awe of Nick even signing up to the Malvern Hills Ultra.


I have only ever undertaken one proper race in my lifetime. I jogged (see, no running), just 5km – roughly 3 miles around the Olympic Stadium in Sydney at the end of the millennium.


To be quite frank, I was whacked.


To me it was about being in the Australian Olympic village and the social after at the time. Sadly I had missed the point.


I admire that Nick is taking on not just one marathon in one day, but two. I respect the fact that he will be raising as much as possible for the Felix Fund.


All finishers have to complete the race in under 14 hours.By doing so they receive a MHU race medal and t-shirt. However Nick starts the race with our admiration and sincere best wishes from all of team Kirintec.


So while it’s in your mind to do so, can I encourage you to click on this link and donate now, please?


Literally every pound will make such a difference and knowing how much he stands to raise should help Nick complete the course. Even during his trickiest moments across the Malvern Hills – whatever the weather!


Thank you on behalf of Nick and I am sure every recipient that benefits courtesy of the Felix Fund.