Meet Kier, our Operations Director

We have some highly experienced members of the team in defence and security. I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of their achievements with the spotlight on our Operations Director firstly.


This is not intended to be a trumpet-blowing exercise, but is intended designed to reassure you of their ability with credentials that showcase their understanding of our customers. We know our customers don’t always want to be named in what they do, but it is helpful to know we understand your sector.


So in no particular order I’m starting with Kier Head – our Operations Director (or just as he was willing to go first).


Impressively he has over twenty years of experience within the British Army, as a proven Counter-IED / Counter-Threat domain knowledge expert. With experience in Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED), Kier worked in:

• Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
• Weapon Intelligence Specialist (WIS)
• Other related specialist operations


Not many people can perhaps say this, but Kier commanded at every level within the UK EOD Regiment and served with Other Government Agencies (OGA).


Before finishing his military career in 2011, Kier’s final post was being embedded into the Pentagon as the J3 Weapon Technical Intelligence (WTI) Branch Chief, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Organization (JIEDDO). Now this is seriously impressive.


Previously, he has served in the UK Defence Academy as Directing Staff and in Sierra Leone as part of the UN. Throughout his military service, he has seen considerable operational C-IED service in Northern Ireland, Mainland UK, the Balkans and Afghanistan.


Kier has invaluable training, assessment and validation experience. Whilst the Acting Commanding Officer of the UK’s Counter-Terrorist EOD unit, he was responsible for both the training and certification of all Joint level EOD Operators, as fit to conduct CT Operations on behalf of the Home Office.


An accomplished public speaker, Kier has orated on the subject of ‘Bridging the Gap in Operator Blast Protection’ and ‘Advances in IEDD Operator training within NATO’ at CT Expo 2012, ‘The Technical Aspects of Maritime Citadel Compromise by the Use of Explosives at SAMI and ‘Training for an IED Environment’ at ITEC 2012.


Furthermore as a published writer his magazine articles feature in publications such as within Military Training Technology Magazine and CBRNe World.