It’s our people who matter

We had our latest ‘Town Hall’ company meeting recently as it is our people who matter.


Okay so it wasn’t in an actual town hall, but this American term does describe the intention, in so far as it was hosted in our lovely Herefordshire town HQ at Ross-on-Wye, for all employees to come if they wished. We all packed into our glitzy chandelier dressed boardroom to hear what Kirintec’s senior management team had to say. (I’ve shared a photo of a small group of us above).


However, just to give you a flavour, our meetings are a two-way street in that all colleagues are encouraged to present ideas, voice their opinions and ask questions of our management to aide their understanding of achievements and plans.


Our Directors are avid that we don’t have meetings for meetings sake either; so they aren’t scheduled to be weekly, monthly or even quarterly and events that let colleagues have a snooze at. Instead, they are really invigorating and refreshing times, only hosted when important details need to be disseminated and shared.


You may now be expectantly be waiting to hear what our good news is, but unfortunately for you I can’t share it (yet).


Let’s just say that the feeling I had leaving our latest Town Hall meeting was not dissimilar to how I felt when London hosted the 2012 Olympics.


While we are definitely on that world-platform scale as the biggest sporting event in the world, it is the same sense of pride, togetherness, united vision and anticipation that I experienced and feel.


When hosting any event (Olympics or otherwise), it isn’t just one person that makes it happen it is the brilliant team that make sure everything is aligned. I sense that 2016 will be Kirintec’s best yet.


Undoubtedly our products are the stars, but without great people behind them, then we couldn’t help you to advance your response in the way that we do. It is after all our people who matter.