Phoenix Flex – a multi-functioning product

From 007 to Phoenix Flex!


When you think back to 1977 and Roger Moore in his Lotus Esprit submarine car, we all cooed that this clever bit of technology didn’t just look good on land, but it was capable of being driven under water too.


So, it’s not yet something we see racing around our coastal towns, but the point is that generationally we often aspire to a product that does more than one thing.


For me in modern day life, I’m not a petrol-head but instead appreciate girlie products: I love that my foundation (yep, make-up) doesn’t just offer me a smooth finish, but combines sun protection, anti-ageing properties and moisturises too. While applying it today I thought how we offer our customers added value and operating capability with a couple of our products:


Phoenix Flex

We have a specialist light scale twisted pair firing cable (pictured above), which is specially covered in a very strong and specially designed non-stretch rope.


Our Phoenix Flex is therefore a revolutionary product. It is designed to provide a user with the ability to conduct more than one positive action, at one time when appropriate.


For example, the user can not only deliver an electrically initiated effect, but can also physically manipulate using the rigging capability of the outer rope as a secondary action.


This may offer a reduction in manual approaches – and therefore the threat to an Operator. It also provides protection to the cable from abrasion damage and breaking; it can’t easily be cut, bent or pulled apart – unless you have the specialist equipment available to do so.




In jamming terms this product offers our users the most flexibility within the electronic countermeasures context. VENTURA can be:

1.            neatly contained within a back-pack

2.            carried forward as a man-portable option

3.            vehicle docked, literally in a couple of clicks


But don’t just take my word about either of Kirintec’s examples; why not start a conversation today with our experts to find out more?