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Hook & Line

Since the 1980s, our team has been involved with the evolution of Hook and Line.

Rest assured, we have responded to lightscale high-tempo operations in an asymmetric warfare type environment. As such, our kits have been designed by highly experienced current IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) Operators, which ensures our offering is designed to meet exacting needs.

Mini Dismounted search Kit (MDSK)

Compact and lightweight, this is an excellent mini-kit to deploy at your fingertips with all the essentials an experienced operator needs.
Part no: KT-200-637
NSN: 1385-99-981-6624
0.94 KG
222 MM
75 MM
Data Sheet

Lightscale Rigging kit (LSRK)

If you're facing a high threat deployment, working as an IEDD operator or an integral part of a special force unit personnel operating team, then this kit should certainly be of interest to you; containing multi-tool solutions. Options include molle or leg strap.
Part no: KT-200-545
NSN: 1385-99-752-0137
2.5 KG
350 MM
75 MM
Data Sheet

Medium scale hook and line rigging kit (mk2 plus)

EOD users will benefit from using this compact dismounted kit. It is packed with versatile accessories, which are often reviewed to ensure you always have the best simple-to-use and proven kit in the industry.
Part no: KT-200-652
NSN: 1385-99-727-1925
9.5 KG
460 MM
300 MM
Data Sheet

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Extraction Kit

If you need to extract an IED main charge from the ground, this is the kit of choice. It is particularly useful if you have an awkward shape or need to lift heavy items from the ground.
Part no: KT-200-727
NSN: 1385-99-438-3444

Lightweight A-frame

Made from carbon fibre and anodised aluminium, we know users are impressed by this neatly folded piece of kit. What is more, our A-frame can boast of being light and exceptionally strong.
Part no: KT-200-543
NSN: 3950-99-179-5484
1.8 KG
620 MM
120 MM
Data Sheet


We have screws, anchor pads and flying spike charge attachments all available to buy as accessories. These are all simple to deploy (either by ROV or manually).