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Search and access kit bags
IED extraction kit
Comprehensive dismounted IEDD team kit

Kirintec kits

We have many kits on offer – but we are also happy to put one together should you have bespoke requirements. All come with a range of bag options to keep kit neatly stored, dry and easy to carry. Talk to our team, as we are here to help….

Search and access kit

We are proud to present this extremely well thought out manual toolkit. It has more than 40 items - so you should have everything you need to assist in the search for/access to concealed objects.
Part no: KT-200-722
NSN: 1385-99-312-4596
40 KG
Data Sheet

KOBRA Det-box

Quite simply, our RF pouch is a simple and effective way to make the personal transport of serviceable electronic detonators safer for dismounted troops. It eliminates the need to carry the additional weight of a metal container.
Part no: KT-750-779
NSN: 8465-99-974-9773
7.5 KG
280 MM
250 MM
Data Sheet

IEDD individual operators kit

This complete lightweight dismounted kit was developed for IEDD operators so they can work autonomously. We have been very mindful that these will be high threat environments and personnel are likely to be undertaking operations for extended periods of time.
Part no: KT-200-433
NSN: 1385-99-213-9903

Comprehensive dismounted IEDD team kit

We say comprehensive and mean it! This kit comprises everything you need to carry out a render safe procedure while remaining mobile and agile. It is likely that those needing this kit may be part of a dismounted or rapid response operation.
Part no: KT-200-242
NSN: 1385-99-331-2027

Sabre: Multi-role disrupter kit

Our disrupter (or disruptor to our U.S. friends) kit is both light in weight and highly-powered, making it ideal for IEDD/EOD and search operations. Components include the mounts we've pictured.
Part no: KT-306-635
NSN: 1385-99-471-6683
1.5 KG
165 MM
30 MM
Data Sheet

Forensic field exploitation kit - level 1

Our forensic kit holds all of the necessary items required by WIT or Forensic team to recover valuable information and samples from a post-blast scene.
Part no: KT-303-335
NSN: 1385-99-190-7643

Custom EOD/IEDD equipment packages

We are proud to provide you with effective bespoke solutions. Speak to one of our subject matter experts today for advice on providing the appropriate capability, specifically with regards to assisting with tailoring a solution to the threats your team faces.

Dismounted EOD & IEDD Operator Kit

Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal essentials.