29TH MARCH 2016

Our customers benefit from ‘remote’ support assistance

Our work takes us across the globe. The Kirintec team provides support for bespoke jamming equipment, to help it run perfectly.


This level of support is something both we as providers and our customers expect.


Typically our Mercury ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) are provided with bespoke solutions pre-programmed, according to the threat(s) identified, to help advance a response.


Providing what we believe is the best equipment on the market, means it will need servicing regularly to ensure it stays unbeaten. This is to make sure operating issues which inevitably surface and programming updates continue to give our customers the most efficient operating equipment.


Historically though, this has meant an engineer visit – which is both costly and takes time.


Looking to the lead the way as an additional part of offering we have successfully been remotely managing our systems to diagnose and upgrade jamming equipment. This of course only happens with pre-agreed customer permission.


To date we have been able to resolve most service tickets by remote interrogation or upgrade. These are fantastic results which are making a tangible difference to our customers who have adopted this approach.


Feedback shows what a resounding success this is, particularly as it allows an immediate response, and saves logistics costs when it comes to a technician visiting – whichever continent the customer is in.


Furthermore our ‘text chat’ facility has been embraced positively.


Often language barriers exist, and instead of the cost of an interpreter or a specialist being employed, our easy to follow plain English instructions provided have proven to be well received.


When the customer is following instructions they are given on one link (with a camera, microphone and speakers), in essence the hands free facility allows for a hands-on effective approach too.


The new simple-to-use technologies are being deployed, ultimately to benefit you as our valued customer. We know that time and budget are an important consideration to you and therefore to us.


If you have our equipment in service currently or are considering implementing it, then we invite you to retrospectively or in your planning consider implementing this safe (as it is password controlled, and the control link is encrypted) and efficient way of working.


Email us for more details.