Respect for our EOD heroes

It is funny how something ordinary occurs, triggering a thought to something different. This happened to me in relation to our EOD heroes.


Have you ever had a moment where your heart is in your hands? This happened to me last night. Admittedly it wasn’t life endangering – but it was a slow motion moment that made my heart go like the clappers.


We’ve had our lovely seven foot Christmas tree decorated beautifully for the past week. I have a lively spaniel and daughter, who, playing next to our Norwegian Spruce, boisterously knocked in to it and promptly sent it toppling.


I’m not known for my athleticism. But this situation required that I spring into action from the sofa, in the same way that George Ford would have attacked scoring a try on the rugby field.


Yes, I did save our Christmas tree with a less than a foot to spare. I ensured no glass was broken, nor lights were smashed. Both dog and daughter sheepishly looked at me, while I concentrated on getting my metaphorical breath back.


So what’s the point to this anecdote? It made me think that my trivial story which tested my instincts, reactions and control ensured I had a renewed appreciation of those who work putting their lives on their line on a daily basis.


Let’s spare a thought for those who have to render safe a device they should rightly be our EOD heroes.


They quite literally must have nerves of steel, a hand that can’t ever shake, an eye for detail and a heartbeat which can be controlled in such a way that I could never ever dream of matching.


So to every person who works in Explosive Ordnance Disposal as an EOD hero, wherever you are in the world, I have so much renewed respect for you. Thank you and Merry Christmas!