RIP Diesel – because of terrorism

We have all undoubtedly been affected by the human lives lost both since last Friday in Paris and over the past year(s) across the world because of terrorism.


Innocent people simply going about their business and are negatively affected by terrorism – from watching sport, sunbathing to socialising with friends and family have all been targeted.


Today we learn about the loss of a courageous Belgian Malinois police RAID assault dog called Diesel, he died at the scene in Saint Denis when a female suicide bomber blew herself up in the French capital.


Highly-trained explosives dogs are often described as being indispensable to specialist counter terror bomb units. So much so there are already calls for the canine martyr to receive the honorary animal ‘Dickin medal’ and #jesuischien (translated as I am dog) is trending on social media.


Arguably ‘War horse’ namely the equine hero Joey from WW1 affectionately captured in a novel, play and film won the hearts of many. For me he really raised the profile of what animals did and continue to do on the front line.


Since 2006 you may have seen the purple poppy which is sold around Remembrance Day, offered by the charity Animal Aid, rather than the Royal British Legion who campaign using the bright red flower.


It is clear that there is a real strength of feeling, love and sympathy for all affected – that’s not just humans but our four legged friends too.