VIPs & the Private Sector

Private Security Contractors

Unrivalled knowledge dealing with VIPs

We acknowledge it is assets and/or people (often VIPs – Very Important People) that need to be protected. Our team has an unrivalled knowledge of internal security applications. We have the equipment to help keep others safe. Rest assured it is used across the world with great success.


Bespoke solutions

This exceptionally high level of expertise informs our search for innovative technology. Due to the nature of our work we suspect you will cannot provide testimonials or case studies testimonials. You will have to trust that we have satisfied customers across the globe, what is more they return to us.


Our equipment is one to trust. Any tests we are challenged with regarding our capability, we tackle with absolute confidence in our equipment. As a result, we can recommend the right ‘fill’ in the equipment you need for your task ahead. For example, those responsible for preserving a temporary secure perimeter, deploy Kirintec’s revolutionary IP based sensor system Radi-i and invest in jamming technology.


Bespoke advice

Using our experience, we advise clients. In doing so we suggest complete systems according to the identified threat. Most of all your safety is paramount. We pride ourselves on being able to advance your response, and assist in how our equipment is implemented.


We know Close Protection Teams use inhibitors when transporting VIPs or key workers. Such teams choose Kirintec to help when it comes to protecting venues against Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). Importantly some of our team worked in the sector you do, we have first hand knowledge we can share to make sure you are offering the best service to your clients.


When working in the same theatres as UN military operations (or similarly), it is important private security firms use certain equipment. In this case that is:

  • approved by
  • or is compatible with

other military equipment. Finally, you can always be confident that Kirintec equipment will satisfy all local requirements.


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